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Saturday, 19 February 2011


Manager and players of the Teacher's Team met yesterday to discuss tactics and strategy for the next Teachers vs Students football match. Here we can see key front men; Igor "bicicletas" Villarchao and Asier "Ringo" Martinez in conversation with team manager Javi "Ros Geller" Martin

Teachers against students Football match, School fiestas


  1. I have just received this news bulletin from the Students' Team. I reproduce it here in full:
    " Alejandro Diarte, Alvaro Gracia, Borja Gracia, Xabier Osma
    Breaking news in La Merced´s ¨students¨team!!!!! They have already made
    the first-team player´s line up.
    It consists of: Eneko¨el gallo¨ Arrasate, who is their fantastic
    goalkeeper! Koldo¨ carnicero¨Marfagón is our defender! Our midfield
    consist of Borja¨the arrow¨Gracia and his brother Alvaro¨the
    trunk¨Gracia. Our excellent killer is....Imanol¨txino¨Lago!!!And
    finally, the new Arsenne Wenger...Alejandro¨Mou¨Diarte!!!! You are
    shaking, teachers!!!! We are waiting for youu!!!! (Alejandro Diarte"

  2. Very good guys. I like your style.
    I'm passing your comments on to our captain, "bicicletas" for his consideration.
    No doubt he will have something to say!

  3. this year 4 of E.S.O is the champion

  4. Welcome koldo to the blog.
    It seems that you are the Vinnie Jones of the fourth year, a real "Butcher".
    I like physical football! I can't wait!