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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Breaking News!!!!!!

More evidence of Merced teacher's secret life!!

More evidence has emerged that the Merced teacher who calls himself "Gorka" is in fact pop superstar Dylan.

Our chief paparazzi followed him to London this weekend where he went to make a new video.

As you can see he isn't very happy to be recognised by our reporter.

The rock and roll superstar had to escape from his fans when they recognised him . He got into a taxi and disappeared.

Our chief paparazzi found him again and asked him if it was true that he was Dylan, the rock giant, and that he was hiding in the mountains of Bizkaia from his fans because he was bored with so many wild Hollywood parties and girls.
He replied; "The answer to that is blowing in the wind"

Here is "Gorka's" latest video

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