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Friday, 20 May 2011

Guggenheim's creator designs; "The melting skyscraper"

Frank Gehry, the architect who designed the Guggenheim in Bilbao has built another extraordinary building, this time in New York. It's less a building than a sculpture, where the metal lines are softened and "rippled" to make it look like it's melting before your eyes.

Watch, enjoy and if you can answer the questions, well, you know, it's bonus points for the 3º evaluación!

  1. In which year was the Empire state building completed?

  2. Is the skyscraper for ofices or for homes?

  3. New York was the first_______ city


  1. 1. In 1931 the Empire state bulding was completed.
    2. The Frank Gehry's skyscraper is for homes, specifically for apartments.
    3. New York was the first vertical city.

  2. Well done Andrea.Positive points for you.
    Did you like the images of those workers, with no safety equipment,fearlessly standing on the girders, high above the city?
    I read somewhere that quite a few of them were killed.

  3. Yes I have seen the workers up the skyscraper and I feel scared when I saw them because it's so high!
    It's normal to die without safety equipment at that height above ground... Why did they not use the equipment?