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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Breaking News!!!!!!

Exclusive report reveals Merced teacher has secret life!!

Our reporter has discovered that the Merced teacher who calls himself "Gorka" is in fact George Dylan, a famous Rock and Roll star from the U.S.A.

Some students and teachers had already suspected that this teacher has a secret life, and believe that superstar George is tired of his Rock and Roll lifestyle and so comes to Lañomendi to hide from his millions of fans. "Maybe he's fed up with so many cocktails and girls" said one student yesterday.

George Dylan, alias "Gorka"
The cover of George's new album "Old Rockers Don't Use Combs"


  1. Very good.... estas sobrao

  2. ouu amazing, very nice, if you want to view my blog

  3. are they the same person?
    I ´m confuse

  4. No they aren't the same person. It's a joke about how our Gorka looks so similar to Bob Dylan. I understand that you're confused.Maybe you should find out who Bob Dylan was and is.

  5. ohh, they are very similar
    it's easyly to confuse

  6. There are so similar ajajjja avery good joke!

  7. There are so similar a very good joke ajjaja

  8. they are very similar,but they arent the same person!XD

  9. they are very similar but....sorry gorka!
    you arent the same

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