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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Usain Bolt - Recorde Mundial dos 200 metros Rasos 2008

Watch the man in the yellow shirt, who is running faster than your dad's car. It's Ussain "lightning"Bolt, : the fastest man in the world.Next summer he'll be in London for the 2012 Olympics.
A ticket to watch the final of the 1oo metres, which will last about 10 seconds will cost about 600 euros!!


  1. It's in French, and they are shouting, but I think they said that he has just run faster than anyone else in the world, in all of history! Well done Jamaica! Isn't there a group in 4º ESO doing a presentation on Jamaica quite soon?

  2. I think that it was amazing!! It was like the others were slow like snails!!

  3. On my computer he takes at least ten seconds longer!!
    Why does the video take so long to start up?

  4. Richard you look very handsome in your principal photo!!