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Hi there, and welcome to the English department's blog at La Merced.

This is where you'll find all kinds of things, from instructions for your homework , to news and gossip from school, photos, music...You'll even find a way to earn extra credit ; answer the questions that you find in the blog and see how your grades improve!

So add it to your favourites now!

We hope you'll take part in it too, sending us things you think are interesting or funny, and then we'll turn it into a really cool blog.

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School Theatre

Most of you saw the Christmas play that 3º ESO B put on just before the Christmas holidays.

It was great fun to rehearse and perform, and as you could see, they did a great job!

So I've decided to extend this work in drama to other courses, starting with 4º ESO in the Taller.
I also hope to continue with 3º ESO.

I'm sure you'll agree that it's a fun alternative to classroom work, with great pronunciation practice, fluency, voice training and language practice. And most importantly of all, you learn far more than just a language!

Enjoy, and keep up your excellent attitude so far. After all, success or failure depends on you!

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