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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Summer holidays are here!!

I should better say that summer holidays are there, because here the school year finishes at the end of July. Students will be on holiday from the 27th, for a bit longer than a month, until the beginning of September. Don't think we are very lucky and we have longer time without going to school. Schools in England have the Christmas break, the Easter break and summer break as we do, but they also have a week off at the end of October, another one in February and another one in June. So at the end, they go to school more or less the same number of days, but they divide the terms in a different way.

I think tomorrow is your last day at school! I only want to wish you all a great summer! Enjoy!!And see you in September!

Monday, 20 June 2011

Ideas for doing sport in the summer!

Here's a couple of amazing skydiving videos.These guys, (and girls) have a limited time to get into position, and also have to avoid crashing into each other.

And in Prague, in the Czech republic they've just invented a wind tunnel to practice in!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Everybody passed!

Congratulations to all of 2º Bachiller for passing your University Entrance Exams.
You've worked really hard and deserve the great marks that you've achieved. Very well done!

Now we all wish you a.....

Moon shadows

For those of us who live in cities where it's impossible to see a lunar eclipse, here's a good explanation of what it is.
Listen and watch, and see if you can answer the following.
Why does the moon stop shining?
How long will it be in darkness?">

Friday, 10 June 2011

Ballet; "A beautiful strength", and something to inspire the boys!

Dancers dancing.

Here are the future "Prima Ballerinas" of Europe's Dance companies.
Great video, (Really well edited!)
Well done.

Thursday, 9 June 2011


Anyone coming to the UK should go to a pub to have lunch or dinner! Most of them serve food everyday from the morning untill 9 pm. Some stop serving at 8, which is quite early if you follow the spanish timetable. At pubs, it's curious that you always have to order at the bar, and say the table number where you are sitting. If you don't they will not come to you. The most famous English meal is Sunday Roast. I can say it's lovely!!! I'm going to miss it when I go back!

In weekdays, there are normally offers at all restaurants and pubs. This way, you can find Monday is the steak day, Tuesday the curry day, and so on only for 4.99 pounds.

I also like that pubs normally have a different activity each day. Most of them organize the week so people can go and try different things, apart from food. There is always once per week Karaoke night, Quiz night, Open mic night... I'm going to try to go to a Quiz night and record a video, so you can see it! You can win money if you are very smart and guess all the answers!
Don't you find this a bit different from our pintxos bars?

Monday, 6 June 2011

Trekkers and canoists are cool! Well done if your legs and arms hurt!

Well done to you all who made it to the top of Atxarre today. You might like to know that you walked a total of 10 kilometres, in about 45 minutes, which is prety good, given how steep the path is.
I'm publishing these pictures for the benefit of the very small number of students who were too lazy to get to the top, so that they can enjoy the amazing views too!
More pictures soon.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Home again.

After a six and a half million mile journey, Endeavour returns to earth for the last time.
Listen to what the commentator says;
"After a journey of six and a half million miles Endeavour lands in the darkness, but it is a journey that is illuminated by the ingenuity and dedication of every astronaut, scientist, engineer, mechanic and dreamer that ever helped it fly..."
Great stuff.
"> >