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Thursday, 9 June 2011


Anyone coming to the UK should go to a pub to have lunch or dinner! Most of them serve food everyday from the morning untill 9 pm. Some stop serving at 8, which is quite early if you follow the spanish timetable. At pubs, it's curious that you always have to order at the bar, and say the table number where you are sitting. If you don't they will not come to you. The most famous English meal is Sunday Roast. I can say it's lovely!!! I'm going to miss it when I go back!

In weekdays, there are normally offers at all restaurants and pubs. This way, you can find Monday is the steak day, Tuesday the curry day, and so on only for 4.99 pounds.

I also like that pubs normally have a different activity each day. Most of them organize the week so people can go and try different things, apart from food. There is always once per week Karaoke night, Quiz night, Open mic night... I'm going to try to go to a Quiz night and record a video, so you can see it! You can win money if you are very smart and guess all the answers!
Don't you find this a bit different from our pintxos bars?

1 comment:

  1. Pub quizzes are great, but really difficult to win because there are lots of really good, experienced players, people whose main hobby is competing in pub quizzes!
    Then there is the great tradition of live music in pubs, easy in Britain because so many people play a musical instrument. it has to be said also that there's another less likeable tradition in some areas which is pub fighting; "A pint and a fight" is not uncommon on a Saturday night.
    Great series of articles Irene.keep them coming!